Register in Berlin

Registering with the city Berlin is one of the first things you should do.

Check out the step by step guide.

Step 1: Get an appointment

You have to make an appointment to register with the city Berlin within the first 14 days of your stay unless you stay less than 2 months. It is no problem if your date is in the future, important is that you have your appointment.

You can call the Service Center hotline at (030) 9024990, open Monday-Friday from 7:00–20:00. or you can get it online using this link:

If you need a more urgent appointment try these:

  • Go in person without appointment to one of the outer district Burgeramts in the morning. All of the 40 Burgeramt will accept you. Be ready to explain why you need urgent service, for instance with a letter from you company. Bring a German speaker with you if possible.
  • Try to refresh the online portal many times, especially in the morning to hunt for cancellations. You can also use the app to do this on the go:

Step 2: prepare your documents

  • You need a document confirming your stay in your new apartment.Please take note that if the person that rent you the apartment is not also the owner of the apartment then she/he will need to get this paper from the real landlord. A simple contract between you and the current tenant is not sufficient. They really want to make sure that the real owner knows that you stay in his apartment. This is the link to the document from the real landlord:

  • This is the link to the registration document that you have to bring with:

Step 3: go to the appointment with all the right documents

  1. The appointment number
  2. Your passport/id
  3. The document confirming your home (by the real landlord)
  4. The filled registration form


Good news: registration is free 🙂



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