Find a flat/place to live in Berlin

Finding a central place to live in Berlin can be difficult if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

Let’s look at our options.

Option 1: Sub-rental “Untermieten” and Flat-share: “Wohngemeinschaft (WG)”

Except a simple contract and probably an ID hardly any other documentation will be necessary. You will be asked to leave a caution for 2-3 times the monthly rent. This is normally a short-term thing and you hardly have any rights.

Where to search ( is the main platform to look here. There are also some offers at and

Not easy? Try these tricks

  • Be quick: you have to react as soon as a new flat is in the market. If you are late the flat owner will already have 30 applications and will not respond to you
  • If there is a number and you can talk, call. Always higher chances.
  • Write a short but nice email and give them reasons to take you. For instance if you have money, offer to pay some months in advance. If you can cook well, offer to do it for the whole flat. You can also provide a facebook or linkedin link if your profile would be an advantage.

Option 2: Your own flat

This is rather difficult in Germany. You will need the folowing documents

  1. Schufa-Auskunft:  The Schufe is a central credit bureau in Germany, they know all about your debts. They calculate the “Schufa-Score” that rates your creditworthiness. First get a sub-rental or flat share to obtain an adress. With this adress you can get a bank account and after 2-3 months your credit record will be ready. You can get one for free at
  2. Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung: You get this document from you previous landlord, stating that you have no debt. If you lived with your parents they can write it for you.
  3. Einkommensnachweis (proof of income) If you are employed get the payroll (your salary statement) of past 3 months. If you are self-employed your tax consultant (Steuerberater) can write a declaration of recent income. Make sure your income is at least 3 times the monthly rent including all additional costs (Warmmiete)
  4. Copy of password or ID

Where to search

  • Number one internet platform is If that doesn’t seem to work try your luck also with these (all 3 in parallel) and
  • Try calling the large rental companies directly. Check out this link for a good list:
  • If you can pay 2 months rents as commission think of hiring an agent to help you get a flat. Here is a long list:

If nothing works try Airbnb for short term stay until you find something:



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