Top places to enjoy summer in Berlin

Berlin’s Must-See in Summer

Just a small selection 🙂

  • Mauerpark Karaoke
    Sunday afternoon, great crowd and super fun. Must-See to get the Berlin feeling.
  • Club der Visionäre 
    The bar and club exactly on the river. A hideout for the small pirates. When they open Berlin’s Summer has started
  • Thai market
    Thai food prepared by the lovely housewives at the Wilmersdorfer Preußenpark.
  • Sage Beach
    Think of sunday afternoon. Dj playing, people dancing on the sand. On the right side the river flows. This is Berlin at its best.
  • Bite Club
    Great streetfood market at the riverside. It is like a little festival.
  • Badeschiff
    A pool in the river! And plenty of space to chillout, a burger stand and the bar.

Feel free to suggest another idea!

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  1. Joey says:

    Great list mate! knew most but good to remember 🙂

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