Building a new social life in Berlin: review of the Hobtime app

Berlin is a great city, full of life. Although it is in Germany, people in Berlin are very relaxed and have time for longer nights. However making new friends and discovering the city can still take time. Especially if you are working hard you might not be able to enjoy the city like others.

A new app called Hobtime offers help in building your social life in Berlin. There are community events to meet new people, list of favorite locations and a selection of cool events. Quite promising but let’s first check it out.

First impression

The app requires a login and we have the choice between E-mail and Facebook registration. Once in, the app welcomes us with some kind of a newsfeed. It shows us what’s going on. We see people joining events, saving them, liking them etc.. It looks quite lively; a lot of things are going on.  Using the tabs under the screen we travel between Top Events, Meetups, Favorite Locations and Community. The app offers so much that during our first look we got a bit overwhelmed.

Hobtime Meetups

Making new friends has priority and Hobtime offers a section called “Meetups”. Here we see a list of events you can join to meet others. There are also some hobby courses but seem to be less of a focus. Overall we see that most of the events are about going out and drinking. We saw only few sports meetups. There are big events that have around 100 participants but others with only 5. We were able to find around 3 meetups for this week that we would consider going since the others were either too specific or not many people joined. However those 3 looked popular, offering us enough possibilities to meet people. We had already heard of their monthly “New in Berlin party” which is supposed to be the best for meeting new peple.

So overall the Meetups section looks really good, but the choice could be even better. In any case it is great for meeting new people in Berlin.

Hobtime Locations

This seems to be a selection of events and many of our favorite locations were included. We like that the lists are short, the world surely doesnt need another yelp or trip advisor. You can save the locations to the so-called “Bucketlist” or create a meetup to invite friends. This part of Hobtime could be great for creating a Berlin discovery check-list.


There is a general chat where you can ask event and location tips to the Hobtime team and they seem to answer quite well (we didnt ask). There are also interest groups you can join. This part also offers possibilities to interact with other members. However it is a bit less active then we would have wished. The biggest group has around 500 members.

Top Events

We have many friends and most of locations we already know. That’s why we were really interested in this section. Yes, many events we already knew from our facebook newsfeed, but others we would have missed. And unlike Facebook everything is nicely categorized and listed according to start date. The usability of this section is really the best we have ever seen in any event app. There is one weakness: they use google search and it kind a sucks. Plus it is a “best of” kind of selection, so if you are very interested in a certain category you might miss things. This part is great for people with many interests. The design is simple, but overall Hobtime top events is really well done.

Final verdict

This app is huge, each section could be an app on its own right. You can join, save or like events and locations. You can connect to people or join groups. You can create own events, polls, groups etc.. Not everything looks polished, but the content is really good and the community seems lively. We wished there was such an app when we first came to Berlin. We might still have a look at it from time to time as we really like the events section. If you are new in Berlin, or didn’t have time to build your social life, you should definitely have a look at Hobtime. It is free, and we didn’t notice any annoying ads. We are curious how they develope it further, this could be interesting for other cities as well.


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